Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What are the date, timings and location for “Suhoor Fest” this year (2021) ?

A1: The last “Suhoor Fest” will be this Friday Night May 7th from 12 midnight to 3 am (Sat Morning). The location is on Smith Street in Union City. The vendors are Falafel Corner, L’Aziz Pizza + Eatery and The Pop-Up Shop (Smash Burgers) which will be located behind Maqbool Clothing in Union City, CA.

Q2: Is “Suhoor Fest” Free to Enter?

A2: Yes, Suhoor Fest is Free to Enter, but we ask everyone to please wear a face-mask and follow all instructions of staff, security and volunteers to make sure everyone has a safe and good experience.

Q3: Will there be any seating available at the Suhoor Fest event?

A3: There will be limited seating available at each particular restaurant’s location (Falafel Corner and L’Aziz Pizza + Eatery in Union City)

Q4: Who are the food vendors at the “Smith Street Suhoor Fest 2021″?

A4: The food vendors are L’Aziz Pizza + Eatery (3834 Smith Street, Union City), Falafel Corner (31080 Union City Blvd. #101, Union City), The Pop Up Shop: Smash Burgers (Located behind Maqbool Clothing located at 3851 Smith Street, Union City)

Q5: How do I become a Food Vendor for your next event?

A5: Please email us at info@halalfest.com

Q6: How do I become a Sponsor for your next event?

A6: Please email us at info@halalfest.com

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