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HALAL FEST 2.0: More Food, More Folks, More Fun! Coming Sat. August 9th, 2014 at the NewPark Mall main parking lot (Between Sears & Macy’s) in Newark, CA from 12 noon to 7pm.

Alhamdullilah, the turn-out at Halal Fest 2013 by far exceeded all expectations with approx. 10,000 people in attendance!


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Here is an article from NBC Bay Area News about the event:

InshaAllah next time we will be much better prepared and will make sure to not only have more Halal Food Vendors, but also more space for people to sit and eat, as well as more activities for children and families to enjoy.  Halal Fest 2.0 will be Bigger and Better, InshaAllah!

America’s Largest Halal Food & Eid Festival aka “Halal Fest” is a collaborative event organized by a group of American Muslims from various different backgrounds and ethnicities who have one thing in common: Their love of great food!

What is “Halal”?  You can read below for the full details, but basically, like what “Kosher” food is for Jews, “Halal” Food is for Muslims. It means the meat has been blessed and is considered pure and lawful for Muslims to consume.

This will be the Second Halal Food & Eid Festival in California and will include a wide variety of different cuisine from around the world including Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Arab, Mediterranean, African as well as American

There will also be a large bazaar featuring vendors selling a wide variety of items such as clothing, jewelry, gifts, toys and artwork from around the Muslim world.

We invite everyone to come and enjoy the festival with their families, try out some new and delicious ethnic foods while making new friends and learning about different cultures at the same time.

Download our HalalFest2.0_Sponsorship_Packages to learn more. To become a sponsor for the Halal Food Festival, please e-mail or call (408) 509-7965

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Front Page Article on the "Food & Wine" Section of the SJ Mercury News

Front Page Article on the “Food & Wine” Section of the SJ Mercury News

First Halal Festival Draws Crowd of 10,000 (San Jose Mercury News):

Muslim Foodie’s Host California’s First Halal Food Fest in Bay Area (NBC Bay Area):

California’s First Halal Food Festival to be held in Newark (The Argus Paper):

Halal Festival Draws crowd of 10,000 in Bay Area of California (American Halal Association):

California Muslims Launch the Nation’s First Halal Food and Eid Festival (ILLUME Magazine):

California’s Halal Food Fest, Victim of Success (NBC Bay Area):

USA: First halal festival draws crowd of 10,000 (Halal Focus):

NewPark Mall to host first ever Halal Food Festival (Fremont Bulletin – SJ Mercury News):








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For vendor booths, please e-mail or call Murad at (510) 299-6210

Confirmed Halal Food Vendors (2013):

Islamic Meat & Poultry
Free samples of California Grown Hand Slaughtered Halal Chicken and Beef

King’s BBQ & Grill (HFSAA  Certified)
Smoked BBQ, Halal Brisket, Beef & Chicken Burgers, Smoke Beans, Mac & Cheese, & Brisket Soft Tacos

Chutney Mary’s (Halal Food Truck)
Indian-American Gourmet Fusion

New Africa Kitchen (Masjid Waritheen Oakland)
Southern Fried Chicken, Beef Hot Links & New Africa Sweet Tea

Miss Louise’s BBQ (Saint Louise Style)
Chicken & Waffles, BBQ Chicken, Sliced Beef BBQ Tri Tip, Hamburgers

Sunrise Deli (Halal Food Truck)
The Best Falafel in Town

Chutney Restaurant (Fremont):
Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice & Naan, Samosas, Chaat

Padi Restaurant (Berkeley)
Indonesian Food + Live Cooking Demonstration

Livermore Donut Wheel
Snow Miracle, Shaved Ice, Chocolate Dipped Bananas, Tapioca Drinks

RajaBelle’s Cupcakes
halal and organic cupcakes & cake pops

Raoof’s San Jose Bean & Carrot Pies
all natural, tasty and delicious bean and carrot pies

Midamar Halal
Free samples of Halal Hot Dogs, Chicken Tenders & More

Suya African Grill
West African & Caribbean Food such as Beef, Chicken & Prawn Skewers & Jamaican Style Grilled Corn

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffee and Smoothies
Strawberry, Mango Orange Pina Colada, Lemon Wave Smoothies & Mocha Chills

Falafel Corner (HFSAA Certified)
Halal Pepperoni, Halal Beef & Halal Chicken Pizzas

What is Halal?

“Halal” means “Permissible” in Arabic and refers to the dietary law of Islam, which practicing Muslims follow.  Similar to Kosher food for Jews, Halal food avoids anything derived from swine flesh (pork, bacon, lard, gelatin, etc.) as well as alcohol (beer, wine, etc.).  Animals which are considered lawful to consume for Muslims include Halal chicken, beef, lamb, goat, turkey, deer, and seafood. In order for the meat to be considered “Halal” the animal must be slaughtered in a specific way and the name of God must be mentioned at the time of slaughtering the animal by a Muslim.  Of course there are different interpretations of what is considered Halal and what is not, but the main goal is to keep away from those items which God has instructed us to avoid for better health and a longer life.  Usually, but not always, the animals used for Halal meat are fed natural grains, grass or corn and are not injected with any hormones or harmful chemicals.



More Information Coming Soon….

Halal Fest 2.0 will be held on Saturday August 9th, 2014 at the NewPark Mall main parking lot (between Sears & Macy’s) in Newark, CA. For inquiries, please email


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the coming days, we will do our best to answer the most commonly asked questions.  If there is a question that you don’t see an answer to, please contact us and we’ll do our best to answer it for you!

1. How much is Admission into the event?

A: Children 12 and under are FREE. Parking to the event is also FREE! There will be a small entry fee for Adults and youth 13 years or older.  A portion of the proceeds will be given to charity. Stay Tuned for information on Prices for Entry.

2. Is this an outdoor event event?

A: Yes! Please wear plenty of sunscreen!

3. How much will food cost at Halal Fest?

A: The prices will vary depending on the food vendor.  All food vendors will be accepting Cash.  Most food vendors will not charge more than $10 for food.  We recommend you try out all the food vendors who will have both smaller sampler items for only a dollars each as well as full meals available for purchase through out the day.

4. Can we use cash to buy food directly from the vendors at Halal Fest?

A: Yes

5. Will tokens be used this year (2014) ?

A: No.

6. Are all the food vendors Halal?

A: Yes, all food vendors at Halal Fest are Halal and will be serving Halal and Zabihah meat.  Please note that the organizers of Halal Fest are not a Halal Certification organization so if you have any specific questions about where a certain food vendor gets their Halal meat from, you should contact them directly. Some vendors will also be serving non-meat items such as seafood, vegetarian and dessert items.

7. What are the Hours for Halal Fest?

A: Halal Fest will take place from 12 noon to 7pm on Saturday August 9th, 2014

8. Will there by any Entertainment or Program at Halal Fest?

A: Yes, Halal Fest will include Entertainment. More information will be posted soon. There will also be multiple Raffle Draw Prizes through out the day as well as Carnival type Rides and Games for Children.

9. How do we get a Non-food booth in the bazaar?

A: Please send an email to or call (510) 299-6210

10. How do we get a Food Booth at Halal Fest?

A: Please send an email to or call (925) 548-6530

11. How do we become a Sponsor for Halal Fest?

A. Please send an email to or call (408) 509-7965

12. Can you return unused tokens for a refund?

A.  No.

13. Will there be access to restrooms?

A.  There will be Porta Pottys and a hand washing station onsite. NewPark Mall has public restrooms located on the 2nd Floor near the food court. Unfortunately, there will be no facilities within the Halal Fest area to perform wudu/ablution for prayers.

14. How do we get to Halal Fest?

A. The Address is 200 Newpark Mall in Newark, CA 94560. Below is the Google Maps Street View:

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